The Dermanew Facial Rejevenuation System

Ever since micro dermabrasion was introduced to the public and been allowed to be sold, more and more advancements have been introduced. The machine has improved greatly, and the technique sure has become more refined, and innovative system are making a breakthrough in the market. The Dermanew Facial Rejuvenation System is probably the most technologically advanced of the different microdermabrasion products. Every day, more and more people are choosing to go on this route, and if you are thinking of exploring it too, you should first try to know more about it.

The system is not very hard to understand. Just like the traditional diamond microabrasion machines, it is able to refine and polish the facial tissues by the use of specific crystals. The crystals used here are naturally mined Corundum crystals that are fed with antioxidants, to allow better functioning.

Important ingredients of Dermanew

The system makes use of a cream and it is composed of a combination of a very extensive collection of ingredients. Alumina, as already mentioned is the Corundum crystals. It also makes use of capric triglyceride, bisabilol, propylene glycol, steric acid, lecithin, codium cetearyl sulphate, cetyl alcohol, carthamus tinctorius, oanthenol, asocorbyl palmitate, cetearyl alcohol, tocopheryl acetate, benzyl alcohol, gydroxycitronella, cernium,  cetyl alcohol, aminomethyl propanol, propyl paraben, isobutylparaben, limalool, retyl palminate, aminomethyl propanol, methyparaben, ethylparaben,  bacopa monniera, seed oil, wine extract, wheat, wheat germ oil, bran extract, green tea, carrot root extract, hydrolyzed oat flour,  grape seed, lavender fragrance and water.

The impressive function

The great thing about this is that compared to chemical peel, where the patient can feel some pain and discomfort, it is free of all of that and yet it can give you great results. You can trust it to give you polished and refined skin, a significant decrease in your wrinkles, pore size and fine lines, they are also able to restore the radiant and beautiful glow that your skin used to have and it can significantly reduce all visible signs of aging, so you will feel younger and definitely more beautiful.

Exploring the kit

The system is sold in a kit and this kit may vary in terms of contents, but it will basically have one soft-bristle brush, a small teardrop-shaped foam applicator, one large teardrop-shaped foam applicator, a dual action resurfacing tool and the Facial rejuvenation crème which you will use for the procedure.

How to use the Dermanew Facial Rejuvenation System

When you receive your kit, you will have to know how to use it, so that you can enjoy better results. It is important for you to take this seriously because your skin is very sensitive and you can deal well with your problems when you follow the right technique. Here are some guidelines that you can use:
• Make sure to clean your face well. Clean your face well and make sure that you have gotten rid of all the dead cells, dirt, oil and cosmetics. After cleaning it, you will have to pat it dry.
• Get the teardrop-shaped foam applicator and attach it to the dual action resurfacing tool.
• Get the cream and apply it onto the foam applicator. Just make sure to get enough amount, so that you do not waste it on one area.
• Gently dot the foam applicator with the cream on areas that need it. This will be the forehead, the chin, cheeks and the nose.
• Use soft upward circular motions on your skin and make sure to do this stroke continuously, for a minute or two.
• Make sure to rinse off all of the crystals on your face using warm water and dry your face with a soft towel, afterwards.
• Clean the applicator brush and make sure that it is ready to be used again. Keeping the applicator foam clean, is important because your skin is very sensitive and you cannot just apply anything on it.
• You can start a routine of the above-mentioned steps for as much as two to three times a week or you can consult a specialist to prescribe a better dosage for your specific need. This will be dictated by the state of your skin, which is independent of all kinds of factors.

What people say about the rejuvenation system

When something new is being introduced in the market, it is normal for people to have doubts about it. People will have all kinds of questions and these can be answered by testimonies from different kinds of people. What better way to learn about the effectiveness of something, but from those who have used it before.

So what do most people have to say the system?
• Many people are liking how fast the results come. Some people even say that they are able to see results as soon as a day after first use.
• People say that they are very happy with the results that they get. Who would not like to have smoother and brighter skin? People who have been suffering from bad cases of acne, for quite some time now, have finally received results that they can enjoy.
• In a simpler note, some patients note how well make-up blends on their skin now, compared to before. Since their skin is so much smoother, makeup application is so much more fun, and it stays on the skin longer.
• Some people are also enjoying the fact that it is very affordable. Most dermatological techniques are pricey and sophisticated, but not everyone can afford these sophisticated and pricey procedures. However, because of this system, many people are able to afford to have beautiful skin that they can be very proud of.
• Clinical procedures are expensive and  more complicated. The system allows almost anyone to perform competitive microdermabrasion at home, without needing to go to a clinic.
• Some patients also note that if you compare microdermabrasion vs chemical peel, this system produces great results without giving the unwanted side effects such as redness and irritation.

You deserve to have brighter and smoother skin. Everyone who wishes to enjoy better skin, can now do so, because of microdermabrasion.

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