Precautions while Going Through Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a technique in which the outer layer of the skin cells are been removed by the technique of cosmetics. The technique also referred to as exfoliation; includes the usage of some technique that can be employed in order to get rid of the dead skin cells from the body. This is a multi-talented technique, to say the least. It can help to cover major of the body’s deformation; such as hyper-pigmentation, skin roughness, acne scars and even the acne on the body left. But, there are many of the cases seen in which after the microdermabrasion technique has been applied, then there are even more acne seen on the body. It is just because the correct technique of microdermabrasion is not applied. If the little precautions are seen to; then there will be absolutely no tension that what could be the post-treatment problems that one might be faced by someone:

  1. THE TREATMENT SHOULD MATCH THEIR SKIN TYPES:  In order to match the skin type that can match the microdermabrasion technique, the oil level inside the body must be seen to. Greater the oil levels in the body; it means that there will larger pores inside the skin and hence there will be a greater level of microdermabrasion that the body can withstand. For those skin types that have a smoother skin, and a relatively low oil levels, small pores and a very low level of secretion they should be subjected to only small levels of microdermabrasion which uses very low pressure levels are to be used.  If one uses the technique all by himself, then he should take care of the levels of the pressure all by himself so that the skin can be atoned to the appropriate levels of the skin treatment.
  2. PREPARE TO REMOVE COMEDONES:   The comedones are the round plugs of hardened crystallized oils or fat and cellular waste which is trapped inside the pores. The main function of the microdermabrasion treatment is to eliminate the outermost layers of the skin so that a fresh and a quite low blemished skin are obtained. When microdermabrasion technique is applied then it disturbs the comedones. If appropriate conditions are applied then the comedones can inflamed into acne legions. These comedones are needed to be removed earl as possible so that there are no more acne related problems inside the body. There are many ways by which the comedones can be removed from the body: Extraction as well as daily body shedding by which the comedones are allowed to come over to the skin. Before the level of microdermabrasion is to be checked, it must be checked that what the level of comedones inside the body are.
  3. CARE OF THE SKIN:  Just after the microdermabrasion is done to a skin, the ecology of the skin can b changed in a dramatic fashion. Microdermabrasion involves the removal of oil, skin cells which protect the skin. Hence, it becomes very important to protect the skin after the treatment.

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