Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion – Benefits, Reviews, Cost, Precautions and More

Microdermabrasion is probably getting a lot of attention these days because of its effectiveness, as well as, getting a lot of notice not only because of the negative publicity from some individuals who have not seen how effective they want it to be, but also because the positive results people are sharing about it over the internet has increased the procedure’s popularity. Before we continue and delve through the positive and negative feedback of microdermabrasion products, let’s talk about what microdermabrasion is all about and what is in it for you, its use for you, and basically, what to expect out of this process.

Microdermabrasion is the newest in skin care technology. It is all about improving how your skin looks, and allowing you to be able to do this ‘process of improving your skin’ right at home. While there are procedures being offered in spas, salons, and cosmetic clinics, there are now smaller, bigger, wider, cheaper, and expensive machines and gadgets that are currently being sold that would allow  any busy individual to be able to do this procedure right at the very comforts of their homes. While there are several types of home kits and manuals, peels, and what-nots, you need to know what would suit your skin best, the type of kit, and best ingredients.

There are crystals and other products and ingredients that are currently out in the market. While you can certainly choose among these, you may probably what to start out with knowing what the difference is among these terms. While some ingredients are just as plentiful, starting out in small quantities first to see if your skin would break out in rashes would also be good. Ensuring that your skin would be compatible with these ingredients is the first thing that you have to take note of. Different ingredients, from crystals to chemicals to different brands would always have an effect on your skin, so check, check, and check as always, is what you should do first.

You may also have heard about crystals and diamond microdermabrasion, and wonder, ‘What’s the difference’? For starters, the microdermabrasion crystals is the first of the microdermabrasion kit. The processes between both types of products are also different. The ‘crystals’ procedure blast crystals made of aluminum oxide, or something similar to baking soda, to your skin. This deeply penetrates your topmost skin layer, and then cleanses it. The vacuum would then suck out the remaining crystals. The diamond microdermabrasion, on the other hand, makes use of the diamond tip to scrape the top layer. Some derm doctors certainly prefer the newer technology, but then again, it would really depend on how your skin suits this type of procedure.

This increasingly popular skin treatment is being performed by several dermatologists, professional salons, cosmetic surgery clinics and even in day spas. What it does is to remove the top layer of your skin. Once this is done, the layer underneath that is revealed. This newer and younger looking skin is most definitely ‘better’. This is why you would have the appearance of ‘no more wrinkles’, no more ‘age spots’, no more dry old looking skin. With this new skin comes some precautionary steps that you may have to avoid whilst this is still newly exposed, to so speak. Sessions in these places are costly. While we try to surf the internet and find cheaper means to exfoliate our skin by ourselves, several manufacturers are a step ahead of us on this. This time, they have thought of having the process right at home. They have introduced the machine, allowing you to be able to do the skin treatment right in the comforts of your very homes, easily and without all the additional cost and services that you would have to pay in any derm clinic, day spa, or professional services.

Nubrilliance is one product that you might want to check out. Raves about how this compact machine has helped individuals see improvement in their skin has added to the attention this gadget is making. It has helped in getting people to see that having a home kit is bringing more advantage to those who have more time at home compared to those who not only have the time and financial capacity to be able to go to a professional clinic. While there are certainly a lot of machines and equipment that are thought of as good home kits, let us focus on Nubrilliance.

An Overview on Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion

Nubrilliance is selling like pancakes, according to some. Some say that because of its compact size, wherever you go, you can easily bring this along with you. As they say, beauty never sleeps, so being able to take care of your skin and continue your nightly regimen is going to be easy regardless if you go on vacation, on holiday, or out on a business trip. Taking care of your skin should never be placed on hold just because you would be travelling.

This compact machine has a lot of benefits. For starters, one of the reasons more and more skin doctors allow home treatment is the fact that this machine is doctor approved and tested. No one can deny it. Professional salon treatment is expensive. With this Nubrilliance, you can easily use it at home. This machine does not use synthetic dye. It does not have synthetic fragrance. It does not make use of petrochemicals. It does not have sulfates. Simply put, microdermabrasion vs chemical peel would simply be understood as ‘natural way vs chemicals on your skin’…which would you choose?

Why Nubrilliance Over Others?

You may ask, what does microdermabrasion do that chemical peel doesn’t? In fact, let’s talk about the benefits so you can decide for yourself…’which skin treatment is best for me?’

Microdermabrasion contains aluminum oxide crystals, which is what they term as crystals. These are used to remove dead skin cells.  Because of microdermabrasion, your skin has better blood circulation. You have new skin cells because you are able to help in regenerating it. Elastin production is also increased, as well as collagen due to microdermabrasion. While the results, like always, would always depend on the individual’s skin type and sensitivity, always be aware that any side effect and / or risk could happen. This is why as much as possible, make use of small amounts and quantities to test on your skin first. This is also another advantage the Nubrilliance has over others. With its wand feature, you are able to test on a small patch of skin to see if your skin is able to go well with that type of ingredients.

There are several videos currently out that would allow interested individual to see if this type of home treatment is something that they would like to have. Before and after pictures are certainly enticing, but then again, as a precaution, check with your doctor if there are possible ingredients that might be unsafe and harmful to you and your skin. Being knowledgeable about a certain product, especially if you use it on your skin, is a must.

Another reason why microdermabrasion is chosen by more and more individuals is because of the types available in the market these days. There are proven products. There are products that people testify to its effectiveness. There are those that are compact, easy to bring along. There are those who have sensitive skin and yet this product has worked very well for them. Convenience and cost rank highly in almost everyone’s list. With the Nubrilliance, you have both and even more.

Benefits of Nubrilliance

Before you begin using your kit, if you have already purchased, or if you are quite interested in purchasing your Nubrilliance product, it is important to know what to expect out of this product. Remember, it is not just all about improving your skin. If are suffering from scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, this is a great product to use. With only a few applications, you would be able to notice changes…improvement. You will notice that your skin is smoother. You would notice that your skin is softer. You would notice that pores are smaller and becoming less clogged. With smaller pores, the likelihood of getting dust and dirt on your face would be slimmer. Professional treatments are all about achieving all of these. Now, you can easily achieve them right at home, with lesser cost, and with the possibility of getting good and better skin right at home. Then again, always give yourself a realistic time frame to see results. Remember, you are using a much lesser type of machine to improve your skin. This simply means that the power of the ‘wand’ in the Nubrilliance would be as much as that of the machines used in professional salons and spas. The main benefit of doing skin treatment right at home is the thought that you are able to save and you have a compact machine that you can easily bring along wherever you go. The secret to seeing an improved you is also consistency. As long as you dutifully follow the regimen and take care of your skin, doing the skin treatment as often as possible, you would certainly see results.

Based on those who have tried and tested the product, after a couple of sessions, they have seen improvement. Complexion is better. Youthful skin was noticed. Friends and people who see them everyday have made comments about a difference in their appearance.

For those who have skin problems, do not think twice in using this home kit product at home. It is not just men and women who wish to make changes to how they look and to their skin. Individuals who have problems related to their skin like acne, blemishes, stretch marks, and wrinkles are very good candidates to having this compact machine at home too.

Possible users of Nubrilliance microdermabrasion would include:
– those with age spots
– those suffering from sun damaged fun lines
– those with wrinkles
– those with skin discoloration that could be due to burn or too much sun exposure

Another benefit to having the home kit is the control you get to have while doing the process. You can easily stop should you feel any pain or discomfort. Because of the smaller application, you can easily see if your skin has some allergic effect to any of the procedure. Some individuals see an effect after a couple of sessions, some as many as ten to fifteen applications. Do not have high expectations just because you see the term microdermabrasion in your kit. You have a smaller machine and a less powerful machine, hence, the effect on your skin would certainly take longer. The beauty of allowing you to be able to do this at home gives you more control.

Getting ideas and feedback from friends who have their own home kits would be a good idea. Because the product is getting a lot of attention and raves, there is a big likelihood of seeing forums where people who have tried would be posting their comments and feedback. Check out those forums and you can easily get any information you may need should you decide to have your very own microdermabrasion home kit.

What Can You Expect from Your Nubrilliance Product

The Nubrilliance is one of the chosen home products. It makes use of dual mode technology. This means that it can deliver diamond exfoliation. The second part is the vacuum suction. While it has a glossy and stylish design, the bigger reason for it being a chosen product is its compact design.

Once you purchase your Nubrilliance product, you have two pieces of diamond tips with twenty disposable filters. If you would notice, once you open the unit, you have a wand that is attached to the unit which is what you put on your skin. Using the filter, it is able to vacuum and absorb all the dirt on your skin. Cleaning is not a problem as well, since all you need to do is use a damp cloth and wipe it clean once you are done.

Now that we’ve tackled what you can expect out of your microdermabrasion unit, what are in it?

You have the cream which would certainly depend on the brand of microdermabrasion unit you would be purchasing. As always, be cautious and try it on a small patch of skin first to see if you would have any allergies should you try it out.

The Foam head is another item in your unit. This is to help in applying the cream onto to your skin evenly and thoroughly.

The Hand Piece, or Wand, is another item that is very important, and, depending on the brand, would be a considerable item to take note of. Some are made of plastic. Some are battery operated.

The Post treatment serum would be the set of moisturizers you have to apply after the whole process. Its purpose is to counteract the abrasive and scratchy effect, temporarily felt after the process. Some individuals who have tried it observed this after-effect, hence the use of the moisturizers can or cannot be used. It all would really depend on how your skin would act to the microdermabrasion.

Another thing to take note of when starting out is the best time to make use of the microdermabrasion. Experts and professional skin dermatologists say that using the machine would best be used in the evening, right before going to sleep. This is because your skin is about to have its ‘rest’, so to speak, as you sleep. There is also less likelihood for your skin to get dirty and greasy. While you do the process, you are still applying pressure and procedure to your skin. Allowing it to ‘heal’ and ‘breathe’ after such process could best happen during the nighttime.

So it is always good to do your research on the possible ‘contents’ of your machine before purchase. Good ingredients to take note of should include shea butter, cucumber extract, and others. Always go natural. Chemicals may have a higher likelihood of inflaming your skin. Chemicals also have a bigger chance of ‘burning’ your skin, especially if you have a more than usual sensitive skin.

Cost of Microdermabrasion

Here is the million dollar question…how much does it cost? Should you check online, you would see that the suggested retail price would be around two hundred and fifty dollars. There are certainly other online shops that sell the product, some cheaper, and some which are more expensive. The bottom line is for you to know that you are getting a genuine and authentic product. Make sure you check out the seller first before purchasing.

Now that you know how much this ‘do it yourself’ home kit for skin treatment costs, you should also do a comparative study as to how much a session in a professional salon would cost. If you do this little survey and comparison, you would realize that you are actually getting a great deal with the compact Nubrilliance. A one-time payment compared to a series of sessions. Not only that, you also have this machine yours for life.

While cheaper does not almost always mean better, for this microdermabrasion process of improving your skin condition continuous use will certainly result to good effect. While the professional services certainly are a lot more powerful in terms of process, this home kit would certainly still yield good results. Ingredients would also probably cost you around twenty to a hundred dollars. Choosing good brands would also be a good idea before purchasing. Having a wide selection would always help. When you consult with your derm doctor, getting information on what to expect out of this process would be good. Starting out with one session might also be a good idea. If you have skin condition that is quite ‘more intense’ compared to the usual acne situation, starting with a stronger procedure might yield a good result, for starters. If you are contented with the results, having the microdermabrasion home kit in between sessions would also yield better results.

Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping for a Derma Clinic

Here comes the part where you would probably be immediately going to the nearest professional salon. As much as you feel this is going to be the best time for you to have great skin, check around for the best skin clinic. Professional salons are certainly great, the only drawback to that is that you could possibly be dealing with just that, a salon. They may certainly have professional doctors and who may have experience, it would always be best to go to a skin doctor. Remember, this is a process that is not just about doing a facial or exfoliating your skin lightly. This would be using a much higher procedure, almost similar to a non invasive liposuction of sorts. Getting a list, for starters, would be a good idea.

So let’s try to come up with a list of what you should do and shouldn’t do when selecting.

– have a list
– get feedback from current clients
– ask about the rates for their clinic
– use the internet to read and get information regarding that clinic

While these steps may take longer time for you to start on your process, always being safe and cautious yield better results.

– choose because of the price
– go for the most popular because it has worked for a friend
– choose from just any type of website
– opt for clinics just because a friend of a friend of a friend say they’re good, and you go with a group of friends

Most times, when you and your friends decide to make yourselves look better, and this new process is something great for all of you to do together, always bear in mind what works for her always have a high possibility of not working for you. Each individual has their own type of skin, their own skin sensitivity factors, and many more.

The process of microdermabrasion is certainly attractive. If you have skin problems, doing your research on possible advantages and disadvantages could work, but all these would lead to exactly the same things we have mentioned here. The bottom line is if you have the time and financial means to either go professional…all the way, or allowing you have better control at taking care of your skin and having the process by yourself right at home. There are certainly a lot of brands, but and the big question is this type of brand and ingredients in your home kit would suit your skin.

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