Microdermabrasion Reviews

The skin can show signs of aging but this can also be prevented. This is how people can hide their real age behind their youthful and glowing skin. If you read reviews, aging skin is among the most common concerns of those who use this skin care treatment. There are many other concerns though which are addressed by microdermabrasion which you can read about in these reviews.

DermaNew Microdermabrasion – Worth Its Cost

I am Donna, a 40-year old real estate agent who. Being an agent exposes me to more people. In my line of work, I need to look presentable all the time. This is partly how I convince my potential clients to trust me. I always put myself in the shoes of my client and evaluate the way I look at the mirror. Would I trust that person that is staring back at me if I were a buyer looking for a house? Since I started working as a real estate agent, I knew that I have to show confidence in the way I look and talk to my clients. This is how I can communicate how trustworthy I am in helping them choose their dream house or investment.

Fortunately, I learned about microdermabrasion cream for skin rejuvenation. I have been in this field of work for ten years now and I was worried that growing old might make me a less approachable agent. I already tried chemical peel but I could not bear the harsh effects of the treatment on my skin. However, my dermatologist recommended that instead of putting microdermabrasion vs chemical peels in my mind, I might consider using both. I did but I eventually moved on to facials only.

Now, I am only spending about $30 to $50 on my home treatment. The good thing is that even if I am quite busy with work, I can still shop for the products that I need online. DermaNew products are really helpful. They work even if they cost me a few bucks. I used to spend my money on much cheaper products but they don’t work as well as this new home kit that I have now. These home kits used to be worth $80 or so, but even at this price they are still worth spending money on. Pinching money on beauty products tend to fare less for your skin.

When I inquired about professional/medical microdermabrasion, each session even cost as much as $150. When I tried the products that I am using now and they worked similar to how professional microdermabrasion does, it only affirmed my belief that I am doing the right thing by having the treatment at home.

I was quite desperate to have my youthful skin back so that I would not begin losing clients. Despite being skeptical, I still tried buying a diamond microdermabrasion machine and cream. Crystal machines are more common but I wanted to try the work of these diamond-tipped machines on my skin.

Two weeks after using the skin rejuvenation system, I noticed that my skin already had a healthy glow to it. My skin used to look sallow due to yo-yo dieting and stress. After the things that the real estate industry has gone through, I think most real estate agents are stressed out as well.

Now, I am more confident that my skin flaws will be gone, all the more proving that spending even as much as $80 for microdermabrasion cream and the rest of the home kit is worth it. Instead of going to the salon for an appointment or wait for your turn with the beauty salon microdermabrasion machine, I can now do my own treatment at home without spending so much. If I look at my pictures before and after I started with the treatment, there is a significant improvement.

Baby Soft Skin – Possible with Microdermabrasion Products

Hi! I am Julie and I am proud to say that I am no longer the acne-ridden teenage girl that I once was. When I went home after five years away from it, my neighbors and old classmates could not believe that is how I look now. Instead of having so many acne scars, which is what can be expected from a girl with an acne breakout years ago, I now have baby soft skin. This happened when I started using microdermabrasion facials at home.

Even if I already have a stable job and can afford a professional or beauty salon microdermabrasion treatment, I am quite busy. With stress from constant traveling, my face and arms usually get dried up as well. However, a colleague recommended microdermabrasion cream and machine to help soften my skin. The good thing is that this also led to a complete skin care treatment for me after it improved the appearance of my ugly acne scars.

My addiction to the treatment has me using it twice a day. I clean my skin well and apply the facial rejuvenation product afterwards. Wherever I go, I always bring the entire skin rejuvenation system with me. I always find time for my microdermabrasion ritual even how busy my day has been.

When I first tried DermaNew for facial rejuvenation, I was not as enthusiastic about using it as I am now. I have already tried several products before this one to try to remove my acne and acne scars from my face. These ugly scars are the reason why I was not as sociable before as I am now. This product really changed my life and turned my skin condition around. I never even thought that I can still feel my skin this soft.

My first system has a crystal machine, but I would really love to try using a diamond machine. According to the reviews that I read online, the machine with a wand that has diamond tips also works well on the skin.

Many of my friends have recommended the use of microdermabrasion products too. I think they pitied how depressed I was about how the acne scars made me look. Thankfully, I gave this treatment another try or I would not have had the baby soft skin that I now proudly own. The stubborn acne spots are already gone and I have become more sociable than my old self. My skin is now smoother, more radiant and glowing.

Microdermabrasion Facials – Acne, Acne Go Away

Hello there! I am Juliana. I am 18 years old and acne problems are to be expected on my skin. I even have a problem dealing with my back acne, which is quite embarrassing when I have to wear a swimsuit. This is why I missed out on a friend’s pool party so I would be saved from the embarrassment of having my acne revealed.

However, this has changed now after I listened to two of my friends’ recommendations about using microdermabrasion facials. As teenagers, we are still battling with acne and covering them with makeup is not enough. It was a good thing that we finally convinced my mom to buy me DermaNew microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation system. It does not only make my stubborn acne fade away slowly but it is actually healthy for the skin too. My parents are quite scared of the option of other cosmetic surgeries that are harsh for the skin. They are afraid that my young skin might be prematurely damaged. However, the microdermabrasion products that I am now using are far from being harsh. My parents also know that I tend to have an acne breakout whenever I try a new product due to how sensitive my skin is. However, this did not happen with the one that I am applying now.

As per my dermatologist’s advice, I now spend more time taking care of my skin. She told me that this will serve as my investment for my skin. I make it a point to have the application of cream with the use of a handheld device a part of my routine.

I was using a different acne medicine but when I stopped using it, I had an even more severe acne breakout. I used the same treatment again but the scars are already on my face and it was not as effective as before. I had to find a way to finally get rid of the acne spots. I don’t want the feeling of being let down and depressed once more whenever I see a new bump growing on my face every morning. I had to be extra careful about what I would apply on my face to avoid the growth of more acne.

Since I used DermaNew skin rejuvenation products, my skin is now smoother, radiant and ace-free. The stubborn acne spots under my jaw and in my hairline are now gone. It was only a few weeks of using this microdermabrasion at home kit and I already saw a significant improvement on my skin.

I always make sure that I do the cleansing of my skin thoroughly to avoid more breakouts. The scrub is really gentle so I don’t worry much about using it. Moreover, I am cautious so I read a lot of reviews about these products. Most of the reviews that I read about say that microdermabrasion result would start to show after two weeks. However, I had the results only after five days of using the kit.

This is a gentle skin care treatment but it still gets you the result that you need, as if you are spending so much time and effort on your skin. If you are a teenager like me who is fed up with your acne problems, you can certainly use microdermabrasion products.

Convenience of DermaNew System

I am Christina. Even if I am only 35 years old, stress has taken a toll on my skin. Moreover, I still have acne scars on the sides of my face, marks of my teenage years and some adult acne problems. It seems like I have already tried almost everything but nothing worked.

However, I like the DermaNew system. It finally showed improvements on my skin. The device that is part of the home microdermabrasion kits from this brand is easy to use. Given the components of the kits, they are certainly cost effective. The kit has a brush head, a tool with low and high setting, a small and large tear-dropped shaped sponge, batteries, microdermabrasion scrub, and a stand. I immediately took a liking to this home kit especially when I learned about it from friends who actually used the same product.

By using this cream and other components at home, it makes the kit even more convenient for me. The tool’s settings can be adjusted for intense microdermabrasion or deep cleansing of the skin in preparation for the treatment. The entire treatment using the tool only takes two minutes. The device is automatically timed to stop working on your skin after exactly two minutes. The moment you turn its power on and you see the red light, it is already counting down to two minutes.
I also love the fact that the home kit has two heads, one for facials while the other is for body scrub. Even if other users say that there sponge already shows signs of wear and tear after a few days of use. However, my tear-dropped sponges still look the same. I clean them up carefully after I use them.

The gentle scrub in the home kit feels gritty. The good thing is that they are finer than sand. Just like how crystal or diamond microdermabrasion machines work I can still feel the sanding effect in the process.

The acne spots on the left side of my cheek and those in my hairline are now slowly fading away.  After trying almost everything, I already surrendered to the truth that I would have these spots for life. Even if I still feel stressed at times after looking after my kids, I no longer look that old and worn out in the mirror. In fact, the other moms that I met during the parent-teacher meeting even complimented on how I look.

After every application, I can feel the deep clean effect of the products on my skin. Moreover, I still have the time to insert the application of the products on my skin despite how busy I am. Even if I am a hands-on mom, I can say that I am already taking care of myself in as much as I am taking care of my kids and hubby.

The double A batteries of the kit are still working well and the automatic two-minute stop of the device helps me hasten up my treatment without missing a spot on my face. In fact, I can even use the device in the shower because it is waterproof. During crazy busy days, I scrub my face with the device while conditioning my hair. These home microdermabrasion kits now can really help multi-tasking moms do what their skin needs without neglecting their other duties.

Dare to Bare with Microdermabrasion

I am Marissa and though I am approaching 40 soon, I feel even freer now to go out with less makeup, or should I say that I now dare to bare my face to other people without much cover up. In my youth, I never would have imagined that I would dare to do so. Fortunately, I have learned to keep up with the times as I began using microdermabrasion facial. I am very delighted with how this machine has turned out.

At first, I was worried that this might be too rough on my skin. However, my skin has never been clearer and smoother after three weeks of using these products. My enlarged pores are less visible now. I used to be quite insecure about how large my pores looked with oily skin. The dry patches on my skin are gone as well. Those annoying blackheads on my chin and nose have disappeared. When I apply moisturizer on my face, I can feel it working now because my skin does not really look dry anymore. This only makes my skin suppler as well. The congested areas on my skin where the whiteheads used to be are gone.

With a moisturized and clearer skin, I now feel young once again. I am also more confident now in even if I don’t have much makeup on. Before, I used to make sure that I always have concealer in my makeup kit. I already bid my acne scars goodbye. I used to feel naked when I don’t have makeup. Now that I don’t feel it too necessary to have anything on my face, I have more time to do other things before going to work. An hour that I used to spend on makeup is already reduced to 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes, I go to the supermarket without any makeup at all.

This is the kind of empowerment that every woman should feel too. It is really a liberating feeling because you don’t feel like hiding your flaws behind your makeup. Moreover, the skin can breather easier as well. Its pores can rest from being clogged up with all those makeup. If you want to give your skin a good break, applying some microdermabrasion cream would be great.

Maintain Youthful Look with Pain-free Microdermabrasion

I am Jen and I used to shoulder a heavy problem on my shoulder in a literal manner. My face has acne scars and wrinkles. After years of use of varied facial products, I think they have resulted to uneven skin tone. I have to spend so much time covering all these skin imperfections especially that I still have my work to maintain. Being an assistant to my boss, I get sent to different meetings with big people. To avoid embarrassing my boss, I have to look my best and dress my best. I don’t have problems with dressing myself up except for my skin problems.

When I confided in a colleague, she told me to use home kits instead of having a surgery or chemical peel, which are more painful. She tried other skin resurfacing techniques but she is only satisfied with microdermabrasion. I followed her advice and I have since been using the home kit that I found three times a week for five months.

DermaNew kit has helped me got rid of my dry, wrinkled and dull skin with a lot of acne scars. It also helps improve the color of my skin. After using it for three times every week for the first time, it immediately showed good results. My facial skin becomes firmer. All these things happened without having to experience the pain of cosmetic surgery.

It is a non-invasive treatment anyway. Microdermabrasion at home makes it more convenient for me to do.

My medium toned skin did not breakout as well. With other microdermabrasion products, it might have shown some side effects already but I only had slightly red and sore skin after the first treatment. I used to be immediately alarmed about these things but after reading positive reviews about this facials and the entire system from DermaNew, I am confident that my skin would not be harmed. For sure, my skin’s condition only became better.

I only apply a pea size amount of on the microdermabrasion cream problem areas of my skin and massage it gently over my face. Even if I tried to stop myself from being easily hooked to the product, I just could not stop the feeling of liking it so much. I finally found something good for my skin without having to pay for it with a painful treatment. I will still continue using the products so I can maintain the youthful glow of my healthy skin now. It would be an understatement if I say that I am happy with this product. Just paint a mental picture of me jumping up and down as if I won millions from a ticket draw. That’s how happy I am with my skin now.

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