Microdermabrasion Results – What You Should Expect

Basics of Microderm and the Primary Microdermabrasion Results

It is always good to maintain facial skin care from time to time as this is very essential for the skin to stay healthy and glowing. One way of doing this is through diamond microdermabrasion. Results will surely help you to maintain a young looking skin.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microderm is the system of pushing refined crystals at high velocity onto the surface of the skin to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to enhance the generation of new skin cells, thus creating a skin surface that is glowing and fresh looking. This is a procedure performed by many aesthetic physicians to remove the top layer of sun-damaged skin and to let the new ones to proliferate. Microdermabrasion products can also lighten up wrinkles as well as major scars through getting rid of the outer layer of the skin to improve your appearance and make it healthier. Results are able to treat a number of skin conditions and the usual complaints because of aging. As you undergo further treatments, the benefits also become even clearer to see and feel.

Conditions of Skin and Complaints that Microdermabrasion Treats

As people get old, degradation of skin is also expected and visible. Some of the skin conditions that this procedure provides excellent results include wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, scar reduction, fine lines, acne and acne scars, blackheads as well as whiteheads, age spots, enlarged and open pores, excessive oil production, stretch marks, dull skin and also skin pigmentation.

Process Involved in the Microdermabrasion Treatment

For every process there are procedures involved in order to employ the necessary steps and to achieve your goal. There are various steps covered in this treatment performed by experienced physicians, so forget about your worries and stay relaxed while they perform the following steps:

1. The physicians will apply facial peeling gel for two minutes prior to the treatment. However, this step is optional but is beneficial for faster results.

2. Vacuuming of the surface of the skin. This promotes lymphatic processes that helps to eliminates toxins and bring nourishment to the cells of the skin. Moreover, this also allows the physician to determine the level of treatment that should be conducted as skin sensitivity varies from person to person. This also happens in chemical peel treatment as your skin will be tested first in order to employ only the enough amount of process and avoid damage to happen.

3. Projection of crystal over skin to deeply exfoliate the skin structure including the deeper part.

4. Vacuum will be used again to clean up the crystals and exfoliated skin cells from the surface of the skin.

5. Next thing to do is the anti-clog mode to ensure the efficiency of the system and also to check and make sure that the crystals have not clumped and clogged the tubes.

6. After which, cleansing of the skin will be employed to remove any remaining crystals

7. Application of nourishing cream mask to deeply moisturize your skin

8. Application of SPF 30 sunblock cream to prevent your skin from getting burned after the treatment

I am sure you would like to ask about how many treatments are recommended in order to achieve the results that you like. Most of the clinics that perform such operation suggest six treatments to guarantee quality improvements. This would be done in six weeks as one treatment per week is to be performed. You can also do the regular treatment per month for the maintenance of your desired skin result.

Reminders after the Procedure

The process does not take too long as well as it does not involve harsh and deep treatment requiring just days in order to heal. Some redness on the skin may occur but may vary between patients. However, this reaction will also subside within 24 hours after it has occurred. You would not experience downtime after the operation and you may even go back to your normal life; you can put on your make up even right after the procedure and go back to work without worry.

Moreover, about the requirements you may want to consider after your treatment to ensure that your skin will continue to improve, you may try applying some sunscreen to those areas to prevent sun burn. You should also consider a moisturizer for your skin care or serum formulated with Vitamin C and Vitamin E because this will give you additional nourishment for the new skin cells. In addition to this, invasive procedures should be avoided after the treatment as this might have an effect on your skin. Persistent procedures include waxing which should not be made for at least seven days following the treatment. You should also avoid sun beds or swim in heavily chlorinated water even for at least two week after the treatment.

Your skin is reborn

People with glowing and healthy skin are often admired by many. This is because having a healthy and radiant skin makes you look young, sexy and beautiful in every aspect. And for this reason, many individuals find microdermabrasion vs chemical peel beneficial as this procedure helps to treat your skin by removing damaged and dead skin cells that makes your skin look dull, dry and weak. Microdermabrasion treatment is preferred by many as this does not involved excessive chemicals as well as intensive procedures that sometimes become harsh to the skin of the clients. Through this treatment, patients are able to experience again a glowing and radiant skin without undergoing stressful operations like chemical peeling.

In this regard, there is no doubt that such operation is really safe and advantageous if you want to bring back your healthy skin that has degraded because of aging and other kind of chemical exposure that contributed to its damage. You can achieve favorable results from this process as physicians performing the process are absolutely trained, experienced, professional and licensed in terms of practicing the field.

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