Microdermabrasion for Acne Scars

Microdermabrasion is a skin care treatment that can help rejuvenate the skin by putting cream on it or blasting crystals with the help a machine to take away superficial dead skin cells. This is good for repairing the skin suffering from the effects of aging and exposure to the sun. As a result, this can give you a more youthful looking skin without the downtime which other skin care treatments have. This is why it is also called as the lunchtime facial. You don’t even need anesthesia to do this non-invasive procedure. Each session typically takes 20 to 30 minutes for the face and up to an hour if other parts, such as the neck and chest are included in the treatment.

The name of the procedure microdermabrasion  actually originated from three words:

Micro, which refers to the microscopic aluminum oxide or crystals used in the treatment;
Derma, which refers to the outer layer of the skin; and
Abrasion, which refers to the method used in the treatment.

This skin care procedure was first developed in the 1980’s in Italy. It came from the idea behind the popular method then called dermabrasion. However, microdermabrasion was designed to become less harsh and harmful to the skin. It entered the United States in the 1990’s and has since then become one of the most popular facial methods in the country.

However, caution should be practiced when conducting or undergoing this treatment. If this is not done properly as it should, this can only make your skin problems worse. Even if microdermabrasion for acne scars is approved by the dermatologists and other skin care professionals, care should still be practiced. The treatment can be done by professionals for you or you can do it yourself. When in doubt about you pulling this off alone, it would be better to call for professionals to avoid further damage to your skin. There are certainly some things that you need to do to ensure that every part of the procedure will happen smoothly.

What Happens Before Microdermabrasion

Before you dive into microdermabrasion and you are considering having it done by professionals, make sure that you choose a good cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to do the job. To prepare for a smoothly occurring procedure, you should stop taking products with salicylic acid or aspirin. If you smoke, stop it for a week before the treatment to help improve the flow of blood in your skin. This will help promote healing after microdermabrasion. Do not wax, sunbath or do chemical peels two weeks before the procedure is set to happen. The best thing to do is take note of the big day so you can do all these preparations.

Once you have found a good dermatologist, be ready to give your medical history and your concerns about the effects of aging on your skin. There will also be careful skin examination to see if a facial treatment is really right for you. Even if you are doing the procedure at home, make sure to ask for professional advice first. Your skin might have adverse effects to the cream or crystals used in the treatment.

Make sure that the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist already has solid background and experience in doing this treatment, especially if it is to remove scars. Tell the professional if you had scars or keloid before the procedure or if you had isotretinoin before, a medication used to treat severe cases of acne. Usually, the dermatologist will ask you to wait for six months after you took your last isotretinoin before microdermabrasion will be done.

For home microdermabrasion, there should be at least two weeks of gap between the first treatment and the next one. This will give the skin enough time to recover after the abrasive effects of the treatment.

What Happens During Microdermabrasion

Knowing how the actual procedure will roll out is important especially if you have not tried this treatment before. Before actually starting with the treatment, the specific skin concerned will be cleansed to get rid of makeup and oils. This will make way for a more effective treatment. If you wear contact lenses, you have to remove them and wear eye protection or glasses.

If everything is ready, the professional will spray crystals onto the skin through a handheld device and vacuum these fine particles at the same time. In some cases, an abrasive handheld device is also used. These devices are both effective in removing the topmost layer of the skin. It is normal to feel the sandy texture of the crystals but normally, you will not feel any pain. No anesthesia is ever necessary.

Actually, microdermabrasion is just like a sandblaster but it is designed to treat the skin in a gentler manner. The tiny particles or crystals are blasted to the skin strong enough to flake off the dead skin cells. Once this layer of skin is removed, a healthier and smoother new skin will be revealed. The same device that blasted the crystals can also vacuum away the crystals and the old skin.

The entire session of microdermabrasion usually takes less than an hour. Facial treatment usually takes 30 to 40 minutes, while neck skin treatment might only run for 20 minutes. After the treatment, every crystal particle is removed, the skin is dried, and a moisturizing cream is applied to avoid the skin from drying up excessively. You might want to read reviews to see which cosmetic or clinical facility and dermatologist you should go to for this treatment.

How Microdermabrasion Reduces Acne Scars

It is an effective treatment for skin problems like dull skin, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, crows feet and even acne scars. It works because the treatment stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells. It also reduces the skin’s oiliness and the presence of blackheads. The use of this treatment to reduce the signs of acne scars on the skin is now becoming more popular. It is already tested and proven effective, especially if you can find the best microdermabrasion at home or in a professional facility. A home kit with a cream that has crystals in it can be used.

Almost after the technique became a hit in the skin treatment business, it was also used instantly for treating acne scars. This is a much better and non-invasive alternative to other acne scarring solutions like using chemicals or surgery as treatments. Other solutions usually have worse side effects than the redness or slight irritation obtained from microdermabrasion. However, this is not an instant solution to removing facial scars from acne. It works best for light scarring and it might take a longer time or more sessions in reducing the effects of deep or extensive scarring.

During microdermabrasion for acne scars, blackheads will be removed due to suction and mild skin abrasion. After the blasting of the crystals, it would be easier to remove the dead cells making up an extremely thin layer of the skin. You don’t have to fear about damaging any cells because they are already dead when they are removed. The crystals cause them to fall off while the device sucks them up, including dirt clogging your pores. To make the treatment work better for acne covered skin, a stronger suction is necessary to completely unclog the pores. Even if microdermabrasion might not be able to reach the deepest layer of the skin, this still works somehow.

Treating deep acne scars would take some time. In most cases, the treatment will only help in the smoothing and lightening of the scars on the skin. The roughness and pitting may not be completely eliminated. It would take several sessions before significant results can be observed. Acne breakouts can be prevented and the complexion may improve with fewer blackheads in them. However, you might want to consult your doctors first before using this skin care treatment if you have a moderate or severe case of acne. There are cases when forced microdermabrasion acne treatment may only cause harm or even permanent damage for the skin.

Safety of Microdermabrasion for Treating Acne Scars

Having acne or even acne scars on your face might cause some issues in life, such as teasing and lack of self-confidence. This is why many people would certainly love to have these scars removed or prevent an acne breakout to happen. A pretty good solution would be to find a dermatology clinic where you can get microdermabrasion. If you have grown wary of skin care treatments after trying, failing and even experiencing downturns in some, microdermabrasion is quite safe. It is more effective in treating mild acne or skin problems. It is preferred by people who like its non-invasive ways to remove acne scars, skin pigmentation, uneven texture, fine facial lines and age spots. Only the outer layer of the skin is removed, with the deeper layer left untouched hence keeping the new skin cells safe. Instead of using laser beam or chemicals in the process, only crystals with abrasive effects are used. The latter is much safer to use because you don’t even need surgery and the anesthesia that usually comes with it.

Another thing that keeps microdermabrasion safe is if you allow your skin time off from abrasion. The skin care treatment should not be done more than once a week. If you are a bit paranoid about using crystals during the procedure, these are absolutely non-toxic particles though you need to protect your eyes with glasses and get them off completely from your skin after microdermabrasion. It would also be much safer if you consult a medical professional with knowledge and expertise about the appropriate treatment for your skin type and its condition.

Microdermabrasion is also pain-free. When the crystals are blasted to your skin by machines, this can only give you a tingling sensation during the first session. In the consequent sessions, your skin will get used to the crystals. It is quite normal to have slight redness and discomfort after the treatment though. The redness usually fades after a day or two. This is the only side effect that is known of this treatment, as long as your skin is not allergic to the crystals used in the procedure.

Reasons to Use Microdermabrasion for Reducing Acne Scars

Many people prefer to use microdermabrasion, such as Nubrilliance, over other rejuvenating skin treatments due to its benefits. Here are some of the benefits of microdermabrasion:

• After just a few sessions, results will show with your skin having a healthy glow and smoother texture. Studies show that this treatment can help control the worsening of pimples, improve the appearance of the scars, reduce age spots, and more. There is also found out to be more consistency in the thicker skin developed after the treatment. Thicker skin can help make the pitting from the scars appear shallower. This is why it is a much better method than other skin resurfacing techniques.
• The treatment helps prevent the effects of aging on the skin because it stimulates the production of collagen.
• Microdermabrasion for acne scars is quite versatile since it usually works on all types of skin, though with varying effects. Some skin types might take longer treatment or more sessions.
• It has very short downtime because the skin recovers faster than in other skin treatments. Moreover, you don’t need to go to the clinic for more checkups. After the treatment, you can easily go back to your routine. Unlike other treatments, you don’t need bed rest or leave from work. This can do less disruption on your normal activities.
• It has less hassle because there are no other pre-microdermabrasion treatments required. In treating acne scars, oils and makeup should be removed first. Once this is done, the treatment can start.
• It helps generate new skin cells. This facilitates the absorption of other skin care products. If creams or other products are applied to help get rid of acne scars, these products are bound to work more effectively due to clearer skin.
• It has lower risks in treating acne scars because it only has minimal side effects. Some lucky patients do not even experience redness and soreness which are usually felt after professional or home microdermabrasion. Even if increased appearance of spot and itchiness might be felt, these are expected to disappear after a few days. But if the procedure is done in the wrong way, this is when risk might increase such as making the acne problem worse. Aside from reading microdermabrasion reviews for home kits, instructions must be carefully followed. If you don’t trust yourself to do it, having the professionals perform it would be a safer option for your skin.

Technology Used in Microdermabrasion

There are hundreds of machines which are in the market in the United States. These machines vary in their filters, weight, substance used for sandblasting, intended use and power. There are machines which use baking soda while some blast crystals off. Some machines are also intended for use in salons, while other are for licensed medical professionals only.

A professional machine usually works with four main components:

• Vacuum. This is the engine in the machine which is used for two important functions: for blasting crystals through the tube straight to the skin and for vacuuming the crystals off the skin once they have been used. These used crystals are kept in a container and then disposed of afterwards.
• Tube. This is where crystals pass though until it reaches the wand.
• Wand. This is attached to the tube’s end. This is held by the professionals using the machine while doing the treatment. These are usually made of glass or steel. During the procedure, it is the wand that comes in direct contact with the skin.
• Crystals. These are not part of the machine’s body but these are necessary for the treatment to work. These tiny particles are pumped at high speed to effectively remove the dead skin cells or the outermost layer of the skin before they are vacuumed away from the skin.
Even if these machines for microdermabrasion facial, they can give you several benefits that make them cost effective. These can help rejuvenate your skin as the top layer is removed to give way to the healthier, younger looking skin beneath it. These professional machines may prove more beneficial than home microdermabrasion kits in the following ways:
• The machines are more powerful than the home kits. This means that you will only need fewer treatments or sessions to see significant improvement on your skin.
• The machines are better at removing the dead skin cells off your skin after the crystals exfoliated the top layer. This is an alternative to washing your face off after the treatment because the vacuuming motion of the machine already removes the cream and exfoliated dead skin cells.

A diamond microdermabrasion machine is one of the popularly used machines now. This is not like the usual machines that use aluminum oxide crystals for microdermabrasion. Instead, it only blasts diamond tips to clean and exfoliate the dead skin layer. The device scrapes away the thin top layer of the skin composed of dead skin cells. The skin is easily sucked into the device due to the abrasive particles n it. When compared to chemical peels, this is a gentler and faster process in skin resurfacing.

However, diamond microdermabrasion machines are expensive. Their average cost is $2,500 over machine to as expensive as $4,000 for high-end models. The good thing is that they are easily at your disposal if you need to exfoliate your skin for a clearer and healthier one. You don’t need to leave your house to go to the day spa or cosmetology clinic. Thus, buying your own machine for the best microdermabrasion at home would be a great investment.

What to Expect After Microdermabrasion

After the acne treatment, the skin usually has redness, much like a natural blush, and looks swollen. However, this fades away within a day after the treatment. These side effects can also be prevented with the help of sun protection. Your skin might be a bit sensitive right after the abrasion effects of the skin care treatment. To protect your skin, applying sunscreen protection creams can help. If you read reviews, you will likely read about how safe and pain-free microdermabrasion is.

The other common nickname of microdermabrasion, lunch time peel, refers to how quick the treatment is done and how short the downtime is. Right after treatment, you can go back to your normal activities. In fact, applying makeup is already allowed even after treatment.

When the skin is peeling after microdermabrasion, this is normal so there is not reason to panic about this. This only means that the crystals or cream has worked on your skin, a good sign. Only when irritation and the redness persist should you worry. This scenario will not happen though if the procedure is done right and if the right ingredients are used for your skin type. Letting the skin rest for at least a week, especially with home facial treatment, is important. Healing time for your skin should allow the treatment to work better instead of irritate the skin more.

Cost of Microdermabrasion Treatment

It usually costs $80 to $200 per session. The rate varies depending on what facility you are getting the treatment from, the expertise of the professional, and the specific part of the skin where the treatment is to be done. If you want a cheaper solution though, you can turn to home microdermabrasion kits. There are kits which are as cheap as $20 though there are also expensive kits in the range of $100 to $200. However, these home kits cannot guarantee you effective results or the same kind of results that you can get from clinic treatments.

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