Know The Excellent Benefits of Microdermabrasion

For all we know, the procedure of microdermabrasion promotes and enhances rejuvenation of skin producing new collagen for a more beautiful you. This happens by providing ultimate exfoliation and helps lymphatic processes deep within the skin. Microdermabrasion vs chemical peel is more powerful and can also be enhanced through microdermabrasion products. This treatment is strong enough to ensure excellent and favorable results as well as it is gentle and safe to be used in conjunction with other kinds of treatments. The benefits can be easily noticed through the refreshed looking of your skin.

Factors that Affect the Skin

The skin serves a huge role in our body. It is the basic and primary covering of human’s internal organs to protect them from unwanted exposure. Being an external organ, it is susceptible to damages produced by internal as well as external factors. Such factors include hormonal imbalance, the presence of toxins and disease inside a human’s body, exposure to hostile environment, aging, stress, diet, vices and skin care maintenance habits.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the internal factors that cause damage to the skin. This hormonal imbalance may normally be observed during puberty period. The presence of illnesses as well as other toxins in the body can also contribute to the deterioration of the skin. Skin disease such as eczema, HIV and the like greatly affect the skin indirectly which causes damage to it. Such toxins are usually acquired though the unbalanced and unhealthy diet of a person. The most common are free radicals which make skin cells to degrade and die.

Another thing to look at is the exposure to environmental factors which include pollution, direct sunlight or cold wind during winter has a big impact on the structure of the skin. These kinds of exposure may lead to its dehydration. Pollutants such as chlorine in water can result in the blockage of the skin pores. Moreover, vices such as alcohol and smoking also contribute to skin damaging because of its chemical contents. They affect the skin cells and cause them to die which makes the skin look dull and dry. Improper skin care maintenance is also a factor to skin degradation. Because of the many factors that the skin is exposed to, proper skin maintenance is a must. Failure to do so will lead to damage of skin and will greatly affect your overall appearance.

Aside from the mentioned factors above, another blatant factor that affects skin damage is aging. Age is something that people cannot change. Thus, in order to care for your skin, you need to be aware of the inevitable changes that will occur to it over time. As aging happens, cells of the body are also affected. So in order to maintain the glow in your skin, you should exert effort to have proper skin care treatment so as to preserve it.

Great Remedy to Prevent Skin Damage

As some of these factors are inevitable, it is necessary to employ effort in order to help your skin to maintain and/or revive the beauty that was lost because of the degrading situation it is exposed to. And one of the great remedy for skin damage is the microdermabrasion with crystals.

The crystals results in removing away the dead skin layer and stimulating the rest of the skin to regenerate and replace what was taken away. This will create a perfect reborn of your skin and can also be maintained through adding skin care treatments to penetrate the deeper layer since it becomes permeable. Other skin care products are able to go through the surface layer more easily. Because of the simplified process to penetrate the skin, the deeper layer of it is also easy to be rejuvenated through inducing healing in support cells of the dermis with infiltration of the inflammatory cells to the site of the deteriorated part of the skin. This healing initiates remodeling of the structural proteins which will produce firmer, smoother and refreshed skin.

Difference of this Treatment to the Older Version of Cosmetic Procedures

As compared to the old cosmetic treatment processes such as chemical peel, diamond microdermabrasion is more efficient because it uses simple technology as well as chemical to rejuvenate the skin. The older versions of treatments uses techniques that is usually harmful to the skin causing it to get wounded as well as damaged before giving birth to new skin growth. However, peeling with the use of chemicals are still used nowadays in some areas but microderm system procedure has found to be more efficient as this is employed through a less harmful means that can prevent uncontrolled chemical burns to occur.

Excellent Benefits of Microdermabrasion that will help to Rejuvenate your Skin

There are several benefits you can get from undergoing such treatment. This will surely be worth every penny as you will see that your skin has greatly improved after the procedure. Some of its undoubted advantages are as follows:

• This treatment has an anti-aging effect which can solve the various problems of skin including fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots/pigmentation, acne scars and the like

• Microdermabrasion does not entails any scrapping or scratching of the skin

• It is free from any kind of side-effect that are usually associated with the use of chemical treatments

• This procedure can be applied to people of all types of skin. However, the level may vary because each individual has different level of skin sensitivity

• Offers the benefits of entire series of facial skin care with glycolic acid peels without the need of downtime as compared to more aggressive laser and peel treatments

• The process is done through a minimal to no discomfort for the patient during and after the surgery

• Improves skin texture and tone

• Unlike other high chemically based procedure, it allows patients to still undergo other exfoliation therapies without incurring significant irritation and harm on the skin

• With a regular month treatment using this procedure, you will be assured of reborn skin and proper skin care maintenance through the supplementary products accompanied in the package

• Helps to increase collagen production in the dermis that aids in speeding up the recovery rate and reduce downtime.

So for you to experience skin rejuvenation, you should consider undergoing this treatment as it certainly provides great benefits in no time.

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