Chemical Peel or Microderm

Sun exposure, using cosmetics and the natural aging process leads to fine lines, wrinkles and discolored skin. The person’s face is most especially affected. Women tend to be more vain than men and they are more open to trying out surgical and non-surgical procedures to keep them young looking. The most common non-invasive procedures today include the chemical peel and microderm. These two processes do not require surgery. It is a quick procedure that lets the patient regain youthful and rejuvenated skin afterwards. Because this procedure affects your body, it is important that you are well informed on this particular subject. Take time to read literature and seek professional advice.

Know More on Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is a treatment that is used to improve the texture of facial skin. Chemical solutions are used and it causes dead skin to slough and eventually peel off. There are several types of chemical peel solutions. The first is Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is a naturally occurring carboxylic acid. It is the mildest form of chemical peel. Next is the Beta Hydroxy Acid which is good for deep acne scars. Third is the Jessner’s Peel that has 14% salicylic acid and resorcinol this is often used in conjunction with Retinoic peel, with retinoin, and is ideal for scars, pigmentation and wrinkles. The Tricholoroacetic peel is an intermediate to deep concentration peeling agent of 20-50%. Lastly, the Phenol peel is the strongest and deepest chemical peel. Chemical peels can be harsh on the skin because of the solution used. Still it is effective in removing dead skin cells on the face. It allows new skin to grow and keep the face looking younger and fresher. Chemical peel is often compared with microdermabrasion procedure because they have similarities.

Microderm Facts

Microderm or microdermabrasion is another type of skin treatment commonly used on the face, chest and hands. It is mechanically exfoliating the surface of the skin and removes dead skin cells from the epidermis. This procedure does not require anesthesia and takes about 20-30 minutes only. There is no down time whatsoever. The patient can resume daily activities after treatment. The machine used in the procedure depends on the medium employed. The popular mediums are crystals and diamond tips. But bristles can be used as well. Microderm can also be performed at home. Home kits can be purchased in clinics and it allows you to the process yourself. It is best to do home microdermabrasion at night where your face is less likely to attract dirt or other particles. However, professional microderm procedure has proven to be more effective than home treatments because at home kits take much longer for visible results.

Microdermabrasion versus Chemical Peel

The choice of getting a chemical peel over microderm and vice versa greatly depends on your skin problems. Deeper scars, liver spots, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation can be easily treated through the use of chemicals. While microderm can perform as well, it is essentially just removing dead skin cells on your face. And indeed you will look more refreshed and rejuvenated after microdermabrasion. If you are hesitant to apply chemicals on your face, go for microderm. The crystals and diamond tips do not penetrate deep into your skin. And they are often anti-bacterial and less irritating. But you feel that your liver spots, irregular skin pigmentation needs drastic measures; then go for a chemical peel. Seeking professional opinion is a good step to take. Professionals can assess your face and skin better and suggest the best treatment for you to choose. But if you are asked point-blank, microdermabrasion versus chemical peel, what would be your choice? If you are hesitant, you can give microdermabrasion a try. It is non-invasive and do not use chemicals and it will be just like giving you a professional facial.

Microdermabrasion Crystals

The use of crystals in microdermabrasion is traditional. The crystals can be aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride. Aluminum oxide is more often used than magnesium oxide. Its characteristics are hard, rough, light, cheaper and anti-bacterial. Its color is usually white or brown. Aluminum oxide is second hardest to the diamond. It is a natural metal and its rough and jagged surface makes it ideal for exfoliation. Sodium bicarbonate is the next common crystal. It is of neutral ph, organic, water soluble and soothing. This is can be easily washed off and is non-irritating it also kills bacteria. When using crystals, your eyes and nostrils should always be covered as safety precaution. Nevertheless, clinics still use crystals nowadays. There are some who prefer this medium over the diamond wand.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion is done using a wand made up of thousands of tiny diamond tips. This tip suctions and removes dead skin cells that are gathered in the cotton filter. You can really see skin removed from your face after the procedure. The diamond tip used depends on the type of skin.100 is for coarse, 200 for normal and 300 for sensitive skin. Diamond microdermabrasion is also much easier to use. This machine is much smaller compared with crystals machine.

This is the more modern medium and is the alternative to the traditional crystal microdermabrasion. This is because the former includes has a suction motion during the process. It is also more easily done since the diamond tips are placed on a wand, making the exfoliation process simpler. There is no cumbersome mechanism that gets in the way of the procedure. If cost, time and results will be considered, crystal and diamond are basically the same.

Before you proceed with either of these procedures, make sure that you have consulted with a highly trained professional. While it is important to keep yourself looking young and beautiful, it is more important to be healthy. Being beautiful can be achieved if you live well and avoid stressful situations. They often say it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. But if the laugh and frown lines in your face have become a prominent feature, it might be best to totally eliminate them. Non-invasive procedure is your best bet. It is quick, harmless and the results are visible even with only one treatment. It can be your secret to young, glowing skin.

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